This business unit constitutes one of the essential references of NERVIÓN INDUSTRIES, being one of the oldest departments of the Company. Over its long trajectory it has undertaken diverse projects in all industrial sectors.

Participant in outstanding projects in the energy generation, oil & gas and shipbuilding sectors.

Assembly of industrial plants and installations:

Prefabrication and assembly of metallic structures and pipework.
Assembly of static and rotary equipment.
Prefabrication, installation and modification of piping and supports.
Assembly of metallic structure.
Installation of fire protection equipment.
Installation and repair of pressurised equipment.
Auxiliary work of insulation painting, heatproofing, civil engineering, etc.

Corrective, Preventive and Integrated Maintenance of Industrial Plants:

Mechanical maintenance of installations, machinery and equipment.
Maintenance for Regulating and Metering Stations (RMSs)
Scheduled pauses for installations, machinery and mechanical equipment.
Revision of Rotary Equipment.
Integrated maintenance of energy infrastructure.
Industrial maintenance programmes.
Programme for Major Revisions during Scheduled Pauses at Installations.
Special operations.


Prefabrication and assembly of blocks.
Repair of ships and platforms.


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