Design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of storage tanks

Nervión Storage Tanks carries out the outline and detail engineering, supply and construction of Storage Tanks and Deposits and associated Metallic Structures.

Tanks, Storage Deposits and Metallic Structures

We have the technical and human means to carry out the work to the required quality and deadline.

Construction and assembly of LNG Tanks.
Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks.
Special Storage Tanks.
High-Temperature Tanks for Thermosolar Plants.
Spheres and deposits.
Outline and detail engineering.
Supply, manufacture and assembly of metallic structures associated to the tanks.


Bespoke technologies and IT systems

Nervión Storage Tanks collaborates with its clients in Management, Supervision, Viability Studies, analysing and designing new Storage Tanks and directing the adaptation and refurbishment of existing ones, applying and developing bespoke technologies and IT systems.

Nervión Storage Tanks is strongly implanted in the following sectors:

Thermosolar Plants
Chemicals and Petrochemicals
LNG Plants
Sugar refining
Industry in general.

Equipment, systems and services.


2 cranes of 180 Tn capacity.
Cranes of 125 to 110 Tn capacity.
4 cranes of 50 Tn capacity.
3 cranes of 35 Tn capacity.
8 cranes of 16 to 20 Tn capacity.
5 cranes of lesser hoist capacity.
6 boom trucks of 5 Tn.


14 automatic submerged arc welding (SAW) sets up to 1,000 A.
1 automatic submerged arc welding (SAW) set using AC for 9% Ni (cc/ac) welding.
266 semiautomatic sets for welding in CO2 and argon atmosphere (MIG Procedure).
120 air-cooled sets for welding in argon atmosphere (TIG Procedure).
72 AC welding sets.
914 DC welding sets.
Stud welders.
6 diesel generators of 40 kVA.
60 dry electrode ovens.
358 portable dry electrode ovens.


10 compressors.
Compressed air plant of 2,300 CV in portable units of 20, 40 and 50 CV.
Machinery: riveters, screwdrivers, drills, grinders, etc.


Various booms with 150 Tn maximum capacity.
110 varied winches with maximum capacity of 12 Tn.
8 special hoists for maximum loads of 500 Tn.
Differentials, pull-lifts, Tractel equipment and mechanical and hydraulic jacks up to 200 Tn maximum power.


Automatic welding sets..

6 automatic submerged twin arc welding sets for circumferential welding in tanks.
12 automatic submerged arc welding sets, especially for assembly of tanks with jacks
3 automatic submerged arc welding sets using AC for 9% Ni.

Assembly equipment..

180 electromechanical jacks of 12 Tn.
20 hydraulic jacks of 10 Tn.
160 m flip table.
Miscellaneous tools for tank assembly.


5 weld stress removing sets.
34 hydraulic test sets up to 500 atmospheres pressure.