Design, engineering, manufacture and assembly of control installations for atmospheric pollution in any kind of industry

At FIVEMASA we carry out pollutant filtering using the most advanced methods to achieve the elimination of: Dust, Gases, Dioxins, Heavy metals, Fumes, Mists...

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Pollutant filtering

Systems for the elimination of acidic gases, solid particles, VOCs, heavy metals, dioxins...


Bag filters for dust and gases..
Offline and online cleaning..

Square series: from 14 to 333 m2 filter surface.
Long series: from 349 to 999 m2 filter surface.
Dual series: from 999 to 1,998 m2 filter surface.
Multi-chamber series from 600 to 15,000 m2

Using one chamber or independent chambers. The dust is discharged with worm gear and rotary valves or double flaps.


Ceramic filters for high temperatures..

Higher filter temperatures. Up to 900ºC.
Greater resistance to corrosion and acid attack.
Higher filter speeds.
Complete resistance to sparks and embers.
High gas retention capacity.
Longer ceramic candle life.
More effective filtration.


Cartridge filters.

Automated cleaning filter using bursts of compressed air. Separates dry dust from air and achieves very high separation performance, even with extremely fine dusts.

Electrostatic precipitators

Applications for:

Welding fumes.
Oil mists.
Atmospheric dust.
Plastic industry.
Extrusion and melting of aluminium.
Emissions with submicron size particles.

The decontaminated air can be recirculated through the industrial bay, which furnishes major energy savings.

Centrifugal separators

These can work with high concentrations of dust and act as pre-separators..

Different materials of construction, depending on the abrasiveness of the particles and conditions of the gases.

The design of each cyclone is customized in each case to optimise its efficacy, depending on the flow, gas viscosity, particle concentration…

Wet process

Venturi scrubbers.
Medium pressure loss scrubbers. Dynamic scrubber, Fivespray.
Droplet separators.


  • Reduction of emissions in pollution control processes such as scrubbers.
  • Reduction of concentration of feed gas condensates.
  • Elimination of droplets after cooling coils.
  • Elimination of liquid mists.

Noise control

Soundproof cabins and silencers

Reduction of symptoms of stress in the workplace.
Increase in concentration and ability of employees.
Reduction in costs, accidents and illness.
Reduction of noise of between 20 and 40 dB(A), with soundproof cabins.

Air handling centres

FIVECLIMA Air handling

For flows from 1,000 to 30,000 m3/h.

For flows from 25,000 to 615,000 25.000 y 615.000 m3/h.

Centrifugal ventilators

Resistance to high temperatures, treatments against wear and corrosion, minimal deposit of dust, total seepproofing for gas...

High-performance centrifugal ventilators
High-pressure centrifugal ventilators
High-temperature centrifugal ventilators